MJC RUD Introduction

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MJC RUD Introduction at the time of formation (2016)


According to the general UEMS viewpoints about the Multidisciplinary Joint Committees (MJC), a primary aim of them is to certify the highest standards of education for physicians and other learners in order to promote patient safety, they aim to advance the science of clinical education, training, and assessment in a multidisciplinary manner in sections with mutual interest on the field of the MJC. The MJC aims to create a system of support for the delivery of state of the art clinical skills training within the European Union (EU) and EU affiliated countries in the UEMS area.

Keeping these general messages in mind, the Section of Clinical Genetics contacted the presidents and secretaries of the sections, then proposed the creation of the MJC of Rare and Undiagnosed Disease (MJC RUD); the proposal was discussed and approved at the Warsaw Council meeting of the UEMS, by a 100% support of the voting nations.

The kickoff meeting was executed in association of the UEMS Council meeting in Brussels, 2016. The delegates decided about the bureau modality; the MJC RUD will be governed under the umbrella of the Section of the Clinical Genetics. The kickoff meeting of the MJC RUD was addressed by Enrique Terol, Policy Officer of European Commission, ERN coordinator. The MJC RUD strategic plans are under development; they include operational partnership with the UEMS sections and MJCs, and in boarder context, with the launched European Reference Networks as well.


Brussels, 21 October, 2016.


Kristiina Aittomaki   Béla Melegh
secretary of MJC RUD   president of MJC RUD



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